Product Training


Softstart UK offers comprehensive training options to meet customer requirements. From on-site assistance to formal classroom training at our own facilities, the quality and standard of the courses and associated learning materials is first class.

Training covers installation and programming of variable speed drives, programming and commissioning of PLCs, the installation and use of soft starters, and the programming and use of panel PC and HMI products. Softstart UK also offers a dedicated training course that explores the fundamentals of variable speed drive technology.

On-site Training

Softstart UK supports its customers on site at times convenient to the user. Assistance during commissioning is extended to operator training and even assistance for design or controls engineers needing to understand how best to employ products in their machine or system designs.

On-site training is always practical and is formulated to get customers up and running fast and effectively – leaving staff with all the knowledge they need to program and run their products. The training is usually performed using the actual drives, PLCs, machines and programs the trainees will encounter in their daily routines, and as such is always relevant and useful.

Off-site Training

Off-site training is usually carried out at Softstart UK’s own facilities, but can be at the customer’s site if training rooms are available. The courses are more wide reaching than traditional on-site training and may include a certain amount of theoretical training as well as the practical aspects of the technology.

Most courses are semi-bespoke, so that exactly the training required by the customer or individual is catered for. Courses are supported by professional notes which have been designed to be easy to read, simple to understand and act both as a reinforcement for the course attended and as a quick reference source for the future.

Training is carried out by experienced and practising engineers form Softstart UK’s technical support team, so trainees are assured of up to date information from a true ‘hands on’ perspective.