Solar Pumping Systems

In remote areas, solar powered pumping stations are becoming increasingly interesting. Today most of the pumps for remote areas in water, work with diesel generated energy, adding to increasing fuel costs and environmental reasons are thus calling for a rethink.

The solar pumping station concept from Softstart UK delivers a perfect solution for these problems, based on the high-class long life lead-acid batteries from HITACHI we provide the complete turnkey system for solar based pumping stations.

With our powerful software we are able to design a system for best possible alignment of the components. The combination of a PV plant, an Energy Storage System, additional Diesel emergency backup and reliable systems management software ensures a long lifetime of the system and a high profit return.

Every project will be designed to be individual, so we are able to offer a tailored system from 5 kW off power to several hundreds of kWs.

Our PLC controls the complete system and will be programmed according to the individual requirements, because of the Ethernet connection you are also able to receive all the important operational data on your remote computer / smart phone or tablet.