Remote training a big plus

Recently here at our offices we have been busy fitting out our new training rooms, but moreover we decided that rather than limiting ourselves to training only in Great Yarmouth, we decided to make the rig accessible for our external sales engineers for remote access.

The remote access is done via Ethernet IP secured by VNC or Delta remote e viewer software.

In the raining rig itself we have two inverters, one E drive (a micro inverter) and also the C2000 series, the inverters are using ModBus RS485 to the DVP20SX which has analog I/O as standard, a DVP-EN01 Ethernet Modbus talking to 2 HMI’s, the first being a DOP-B07E415 7″ and the second is DOP-W127B which is the NEW High Resolution multiple network port and inbuilt speaker HMI based on Windows CE.

Delta Demo Rig - DOP-W HMI

The 12″ HMI is the master and is connected to the DOP-B using Delta’s multi drop function, within the HMI and PLC programme we have multiple pages so we can control the motor speeds, take feedback from the encoders for line speed, current etc.

Delta Demo Rig - Timer / Counters

We have digital counters indexing the number of starts which is also incremented to the HMI and both can be cleared by the HMI.

We also use the 4-20ma analog outputs from the inverters to generate the speed displays at the HMI’s.

The HMI is configured so that one is control (DOP-W) and one is monitor (DOP-B) this simulates a scenario like giving production management an access to data and status only, monitoring and the engineers control as well as data.

Delta Demo Rig - DOP-B HMI/ DVP-PLC

Within our new training facility we also have two servo training rigs as well as Soft Starter training rigs for analog and digital units.

By the end of this year we will also have a Medium Voltage Soft Starter training rig (at low voltage).

Note the training rig shown does now have perspex safety covers over the AC motor disks for the health and safety conscious amongst you and remote access is protected and limited to our engineers, who book in advance their training or access time.