Regenerative units replace braking resistors to turn excess heat into reusable energy

During braking, an inverter or servo drive is effectively acting as a generator. Conventionally, this excess energy is simply dumped through braking resistors, where it is wasted as heat. Now, with the Delta Power REG2000 regenerative units from Softstart UK, this excess energy can be converted into reusable electricity, so delivering clear energy savings in a whole raft of inverter and servo applications.

Suitable for use with Delta’s wide range of inverters and servos, as well as third party drive products, the REG2000 replaces the traditional brake resistor to reduce heat generation and achieve more than 95% power regeneration efficiency, delivering clear energy savings in a wide spread of applications. At the same time, the REG2000 also improves power factor and reduces harmonics. In addition, the REG2000 improves braking torque by up to 150%.

The REG2000 incorporates a MODBUS 485 interface as standard to enable users to monitor energy usage (kWh) in real time, and so keep a track of energy costs and savings. With communications option cards, the REG2000 can also provide interfaces to MODBUS TCP, CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP.

Typical applications for the REG2000 include large inertia loads such as centrifuge equipment, industrial laundries and revolving machines. In addition, the REG2000 supports 4-quadrant operation for use with loads such as elevators, cranes and oil extraction machinery. Other applications include fast braking machinery such as machine tools, bag making machines, auto storage and retrieval systems, and presses. But the REG2000 is equally suitable for long-term energy feedback applications such as printing machines and escalators.

REG2000 regenerative units are available in 230V versions covering powers from 7.5kW to 37kW, and 460V versions covering powers from 7.5kW to 55kW. For higher power applications, several REG2000 units can be connected in parallel.

The compact design with reactor included makes it easy to install the REG2000 even in applications where space is limited. Installation itself is a simple matter, with only five wires to connect.