VB-36A - DC Brake

VB DC Injection Braking Module, 36A

VB DC Injection Braking Module for AC Motors, 36A with standstill dependant braking.


VB DC Injection Braking Module for AC Motors, 36A.


  • control via motor contactor
  • standstill detection
  • braking current limited to rated device current
  • remanence time optimization
  • braking current infinitely adjustable
  • potential-free output for motor contactor interlocking during braking
  • potential-free output for fault signalling relay
  • potential-free output for braking contactor
  • temperature monitoring of power module


  • DC braking with one-way rectification
  • controlled by microcontroller
  • suitable for all asynchronous motors
  • easy mounting, also for retrofitting into existing plants
  • wear-resistant and maintenance-free
  • special voltages up to 575V (UL: up to 480V) with Option B
  • for snap-mounting onto 35mm top-hat-rail
  • degree of protection IP 20


Upon request

  • UL-Version
  • D – star-delta starting control
  • B – wide-voltage-range 200 – 575V
  • control voltage supply of 24VAC or 230VAC is necessary (please note in order)

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