Delta Door Control Drive & Motor VFD-DD Series

Delta Products Corporation, the world’s largest power supply manufacturer, has introduced the new MS300 Series standard compact inverter drive.


Door Width Auto-tuning
Door width is automatically measured and saved as the door opens and closes. It will open and close twice to confirm the door width
accuracy. Once confirmed, the measurement is recorded into the drive parameters.

Smooth Door Curve
The door will reopen in a reverse direction when door blockage is detected. The reopen is performed with a smooth curve to minimize the
impact of vibration.

Demo Mode
Demo mode demonstrates the door open, close and reverse motions to ensure the performance and quality of the drive system and the door

Asynchronous (IM) and Synchronous (PM) Motors Applications
Compatible with Delta ECMD series door control servo motor and other induction motors (signal type encoder that accepts open collector
and differential signal with 5 or 12 VDC).

Door Protection System
Passengers enter and exit the elevator with greater safety. When the light curtain and safety panel fail to function, the drive will command the
door to re-open as it detects a rise of current caused by the blocked door.

Blockage Detection
4 steps:

  • 1. precise torque detection at blockage;
  • 2. door remains at current position for a few seconds;
  • 3. door “OPEN/CLOSE” time-out;
  • 4. forced open.

Built-in EMI Filters
(except for Basic Models)

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