New DC Injection braking panels ready to go or should I say stop.

DC Injection Brakes for AC Motors 0.75-30KW in stock for same day dispatch.

The EzBk series is a fully integrated solution to ensure your machine is compliant with the PUWER 98 Safety regulations. We use our VB DC Injection Brake and install it in an IP54 enclosure with all the necessary control logic, with a Start and Mushroom Latched Stop button on the front.

Inside the EzBk is everything you need for a Direct-On-Line Start and DC Injection Brake Stop. All required fusing and thermal overload protection for your Motor is included. All you need to do is remove your existing control box and replace it with an EzBk, it just requires 3 Phase Input and 3 Phase output to your Motor.

Remote inputs are available for safety interlocks.

Wear resistant and maintenance free DC injection brakes with integrated braking contactor and auto standstill detection.

The VB will help to bring your equipment inline with the safety requirements of PUWER 98.

We can also build machine specific panels, so if you have a multiple motor machine which requires DC Braking or other options, please contact us for further details.

Typical Application include:

– saw machines
– centrifuges
– wood working machines
– textile machines
– conveying systems

Larger ratings including star / delta start and dual wound motor braking systems to 600A are available.