Multi-Voltage soft start finds its new home

We have successfully commissioned this week our new multi-voltage medium voltage soft start at its new home in Gloucester.

Using a series of castell interlocks supplied by SSE, the system operators are able to select the required test voltage appropriate to the selected motor, the soft start then gives a voltage confirmation to the selected voltage.

Via the test desk 32″ high definition HMI displays and control panels supplied by LME, over Profibus the motor rated current, voltage, current limit can be changed, the system then gives a feedback again by Profibus from the metering system for actual line voltage, current and power.

This data is then used in the calibration data results for the motor and pump combination, for the customer acceptance tests and data sheets.

During the commissioning process as well as being able to test the whole system at low voltage first using a 400VAC 30kW motor, to prove nothing had worked loose during transport from our factory, we also can prove the gate firing is correct.

Once we established this, we moved on and tested a complete 6.6kV 300KW motor and pump, followed by a 3.3kV 750KW system, everything has been signed off and the customer is very happy.