Milling around in Scunthorpe

Working closely with one of our partners Transdrive Engineering Services who are based in Oldham, they recently supplied a 55KW Delta C2000 inverter for one of their clients for a machine tool refurbishment application.

The client asked us and Transdrive for some assistance in commissioning the first unit and we were happy to provide this.

Located in Scunthorpe, the end user manufactures bespoke high value custom projects such as T joints for gas pipes working at 40 bar, the Richards vertical borer was being completely refurbished, one of five that will be undertaken during the next year.

The complete control system was being overhauled, Mathew Wren of Transdrive said “We decided to replace the 50 year old DC motor with a new energy efficient IE3 55KW 4 pole AC motor and additionally supplied the Delta 55KW, C2000 inverter.

Brand new duplex CNC control stations have been installed by the machine tool refurbishment company, the operator has to select which station he is working from via key-switches, the company responsible for the machine refurbishment built the main control panel and the the control stations.

System Panels

The whole machine has X, Y and Z axis, these have retained the original DC motors, but have been upgraded to Sprint DC controllers.

The rotating table which the Delta C2000 is driving, was tested under a maximum working weight condition of 14,000 kg, the test bed runs up in 30 seconds smoothly and at only 40% of motor rated current before the tool machining load is applied.

The safety barriers are interlocked so the tooling / table area cannot be accessed until the table has stopped rotating, maximum table speed is 29rpm.

Following successful commissioning the client will be refurbishing the additional machines over the course of the next year and placing further package orders with Transdrive.