Active front end drive turns excess heat into reusable energy

New from Softstart UK is the AFE2000 active front end drive from Delta Electronics, which replaces traditional brake resistors in variable speed drives to convert regenerative energy (excess heat) into reusable electricity. Using the AFE2000, more than 95% of the energy is regenerated and supplied back to the mains, delivering clear energy savings.

At the same time, the AFE2000 also improves power factor and decreases harmonic distortion: suitable for full load operation, the AFE2000 reduces input side current total harmonic distortion to better than 4%, and provides power factor correction up to 99%. The constant DC bus voltage is unaffected by mains voltage fluctuations.

Typical applications include large inertia loads such as centrifuge equipment, dewatering machines and roving machines. In addition, the AFE2000 supports 4-quadrant operation with variable frequencies and adjustable system; this suits it to use with 4-quadrant loads such as elevators, cranes and oil extraction machinery. Other applications include fast braking machinery such as machine tools, bag making machines, auto storage and retrieval systems, and lathes. But the AFE2000 is equally suitable for long-term energy feedback applications such as wind power, water power, steel printing and paper making machinery.

With its ability to improve power quality, the AFE2000 also offers benefits in industries such as semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing.

The AFE2000 includes built-in support for RS485 MODBUS, and number of popular communications interfaces are supported through option cards, including Profibus, CANopen, MODBUS TCP, DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP.

Softstart UK is Delta’s strategic partner in the UK, with the partnership combining the marketing leading products of Delta Electronics with the unrivalled reach and experience of Softstart’s dedicated team of automation specialists.