• RVS-DX Digital Soft Starter

    RVS-DX Digital Soft Starter

    This full featured line is our fourth generation of digital soft starters. The RVS-DX incorporates enhanced start-stop characteristics providing the best solutions for of the most applications.

  • Delta - C2000 Inverter Family

    Delta - C2000 Inverter Family

    The VFD-C2000 series is a high-level field oriented control AC motor drive with a high-performance variable-frequency technology, FOC control.

  • MV-DS MV Digital Soft Starter

    MV-DS MV Digital Soft Starter

    Softstart UK has just newly designed and built specifically for two UK clients one in Oil and Gas and the other in Mining a Medium Voltage, Digital Soft Starter, Motor Control Centre (MCC).

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Delta Reg2000
Regenerative units replace braking resistors to turn excess heat into reusable energy

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